Trees for Schools


planting trees in schools, while fostering youth stewardship

Our newest program, Trees for Schools, aims to get more tree infrastructure into schools alongside teaching staff and students on the importance of trees and tree care. It goes beyond simply planting the tree--the maintenance and care of the tree that follows is critical to the success of the tree. We are determined to educate schools on this by having the students, staff, and maintenance crews be an integral part of not only the planting itself, but also the education that informs them on how to care for their new trees in the long term. 

This program is on a funded project-by-project basis and, therefore, school plantings happen throughout the year. We are happy to collaborate with school districts within the Valley to get more trees into schools!

our program in action

Spring 2018 Tree Planting
Hudson Elementary School,
Tempe Elementary School District

Trees Matter planted 13 trees, with the help of 500 students who actively participated in the planting process. The school staff and maintenance crew, PTA members, and our Trees Matter team & board members were involved.
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Fall 2017 Tree Planting
Washington School & David Crockett Elementary School

Trees Matter led a planting of three trees at each school and taught students how to plant and care for the trees. Afterwards, we distributed our 'My Tree Activity Book' for use in future classroom activities. 
To view more photos from this planting, click here!

Fall 2016 Tree Planting
Sunland Elementary,Amy L. Houston Academy, Irene Lopez School

Trees Matter provided 35 trees and trained over 50 staff members within the Roosevelt School District who planted the trees with the assistance of a certified arborist.
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My Tree Activity Book
3rd Grade Level Science Standards

An activity guide we developed that corresponds with 3rd grade level science standards. A fun activity that can be done with family and friends!
To view or download the activity book, click here.

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