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Resiliency Project Recognition Page

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In Honor of Isabella Hernandez

“Isabella is 7 years old and she got COVID while at her father's house, she come home to my house and was already sick by the time she came home.  I went to get her and myself tested and she was sure she wasn't sick, when her results came back that she was sick she was so scared.  I am a single mom and she was so scared she was going to lose me, she was also very fearful I was going to be mad at her for getting me sick, because I tell her her job is to keep her mask on and wash her hands so we keep those we love safe.  She has had a very difficult time with the pandemic because we are all alone here, our family is in Mexico and we haven't been able to travel to see them for 3 years now, we usually go to Mexico in the summer and we haven't been able to go the last two years.  She has missed her friends and had a hard time with online school, the most difficult part is that we haven't been able to travel and we miss our friends and family.  We are thankful every for those we love but want to get back to being able to hug and spend time with our loved ones.”

- Claudia Hernandez

In Honor of Nurses at Banner Health

“All the nurses who went above and beyond during this COVID Crisis during my hospital stays, to keep me safe from the virus.  Thank you does not say enough!”

- Chris Forest, Patient

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