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Our Mission

To inspire and promote an increased tree canopy in the Valley

Our Vision

a Valley where for now and the future, all generations have lifelong access to the benefits of trees

Who is Trees Matter?
Trees Matter is a Phoenix-based 501(c)(3) environmental education nonprofit, whose mission is to inspire and promote an increased tree canopy in the Valley.

We see a need to provide important resources to the general public so they can properly choose trees, plant trees, care for trees, and of course advocate for trees. We hope to encourage a culture of tree advocates and stewards.  

What We Do

Trees offer many critical functions such as shade, pollution reduction, dust reduction, food, increased property value, carbon sequestration, increase in mental and physical health, and more. The Valley has an immediate need for an increased tree canopy; Trees Matter works to alleviate this need by educating the public on tree knowledge, and distributing desert-adapted shade trees to residents across the Valley, and planting trees on school campuses and within communities in need.

To learn about our programs and the impact they make, visit our programs page!

About Our Name

A note about our past, our present, and our future.

After deliberate and thoughtful consideration, the Board of Valley Permaculture Alliance decided to acknowledge the organization’s increasingly tree-centric focus and decided to become the Valley’s premier tree organization.  The Board is committed to creating an organization that continues VPA’s experience working with diverse stakeholders to build social justice through the environment.  

By building an organization that addresses the Valley’s need to expand and maintain its shade tree canopy, we are seeking alliances and developing programs that are at the intersection of environmental advocacy and social justice. 

Our current name, Trees Matter, was a name we had used for years to describe our flagship program.  As part of the process of adopting this name, we talked to members of our community including leaders in the local Black Lives Matter movement.  There was overwhelming consensus that the differences between people and trees was self-evident and not offensive. 

We welcome constructive dialogue about our history, our mission, our name, and our programs.  We will not respond to bullying, threats, or harassment.


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