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Spring Volunteer Opportunities:

Mesa Shade Tree Program Events
Trees Matter is partnering with City of Mesa for the new Mesa Shade Tree Program as part of Mesa's Trees Are Cool Initiative which challenges residents and businesses to increase the City's tree canopy coverage to 15% by 2050! Read more here.

Help assist at treecare workshops for Mesa residents and help distribute hundreds of shade trees to those same participants at tree distribution events. Various volunteer roles available! Upcoming opportunities for this program will be posted here soon!

Measurement & Evaluation Project
In 2023, Trees Matter gave away over 5,000 free desert-adapted shade trees to folks across the Valley through our Shade Tree Program with SRP. 
Now, we need to find out how those trees are doing!
Each year we conduct a Measurement & Evaluation Project to determine the success of the trees after being planted for a year. This requires volunteers visiting over 100 homes to evaluate their trees! 
Volunteers travel from home to home, taking measurements/field notes on the trees, and then send the information back to the TM team. Volunteers receive detailed instruction on the process beforehand. Sign up for a time frame and area of the Valley, and staff provides you 6-8 homes to visit. 

Sat. Feb 17, Sun. Feb 18, Sat. Feb 24, or Sun. Feb 25
West Valley/East Valley/Central Phoenix options

To sign up for a shift, click 

Usual SRP Shade Tree Program event volunteer opportunities will be posted soon!


View our Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Report:



A Note to Our Community:

Trees have a complex history in America. There are the stories of Johnny Appleseed, who planted apple trees across early settlements but the kind used for cider, not for eating. There is the legend of George Washington and his cherry tree - "I cannot tell a lie." And then there are the trees used by racist mobs to hang Black people, an act of terror spawning in the Reconstruction South that made its way across our beloved land to even sunny California this past week and inspiring Abel Meeropol to write the poem "Bitter Fruit," popularized in 1939 by Billie Holiday as the song "Strange Fruit."

This is to say that the tree and its importance in American history is deep-rooted, so we are not out of line when we state that to Trees Matter, Black Lives Matter.

Please read our entire statement HERE.


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