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Urban Food Forest 


Trees provide many functions and benefits. The Urban Food Forest program is devoted to demonstrating the important function of community engagement that trees provide by showing how different trees can be harvested, processed, and prepared as a means of food. Currently, this program is solely resource-based as we provide education on trees as a means of food through a number of free online resources for the community:

Tree-sources for treats! 

Watch other Trees Matter recipe videos!

Spicy Mango Avocado Salad

Learn from a chef how to make a delicious avocado salad using simple ingredients you can find in the grocery store and in trees around the Valley!

Juniper Berry Potatoes

This recipe uses Juniper berries from Juniper trees in the Valley to create a delectable meal.

Cheese Stuffed Dates with Nuts

In this cooking class, learn how to make a tasty treat using common ingredients and dates from trees you can find near the Valley!

Mesquite Flour Pancakes

Everybody loves pancakes! Watch this video to learn how to make pancakes using Mesquite flour from Mesquite trees!

Arizona Lemonade

A perfect recipe to keep you cool, make a unique, local lemonade using ingredients grown here in the Valley!

Trees Matter tree education sheets with even more recipes!

Tree's Matter Recipe Book

Loving the recipes? Find even more with the Urban Food Forest Recipe Book at our store! It contains over 50 recipes all using ingredients found in trees around the Valley!

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