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Trees provide many functions and benefits. The Urban Food Forest program is devoted to demonstrating the important function of community engagement that trees provide by showing how different trees can be harvested, processed, and prepared as a means of food. Events in the series are designed as a community building program with opportunities to attend potlucks, happy hours, workshops, go on harvesting events, and volunteer to help educate the public on the free food that trees provide. Events occur quarterly and at varying locations throughout the Valley.

Our program in action

Fruit Tree Pruning Class
led by Trees Matter & Mesa Urban Garden | Jan. 27, 2018 | View photos here.

Pecan Harvest
led by Trees Matter & The Farm | Dec. 16, 2017 | View photos here.

Mesquite Pancake Breakfast

led by Trees Matter & sponsors | Oct. 28, 2017 | View photos here.

Mesquite Processing & Harvesting Presentation
led by Peggy Sorensen | June 14, 2017 | View photos here.

Palo Verde & Ironwood Workshop
led by Kelly Athena | April 12, 2017 | View photos here.

Acorn Processing Workshop
led by John Slattery | Feb. 18, 2017 | View photos here.

Take a look at our calendar below to view upcoming Urban Food Forest Events!


upcoming "Urban Food Forest" events

    • Sat, October 27, 2018
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • the space between park | 517 n 1st st | phoenix, az 85004
    • 92

    Trees Matter 6th Annual 

    Mesquite Pancake Breakfast

    Join us and taste the delicious flavor of mesquite at Trees Matter's 2018 Mesquite Pancake Breakfast! 

    Come support Trees Matter and enjoy a scrumptious breakfast which will feature mesquite flour pancakes! 

    This event is a fundraiser to help support Trees Matter and all ticket sales will go to support our mission to inspire and promote an increased tree canopy in the Valley! So come enjoy some great company, good food and learn more about our work with trees and the food they provide right in our backyard!

    Menu details:

    Mesquite Flour Pancakes (gluten free/vegan)

    Cage free locally sourced eggs

    Locally sourced tepary bean chorizo

    Coffee & Orange Juice from Sun Orchard

    * Pancakes and chorizo are still prepared in kitchen with gluten but have no gluten ingredients

    We are still looking for sponsors! 

    Do you know someone interested in supporting our mission to inspire and promote an increased tree canopy in the Valley? We are looking for individuals, businesses, and other organizations that would like to be a leading sponsor or in our program.

    Click Here for Sponsorship Details

    To date we have helped distribute over 45,000 trees across the Valley educating thousands on tree care and planting. We reach over 7300 community members through our newsletter and over 4300 people like our Facebook page.


    To volunteer for this event, click here.

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