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Resiliency Project Memorial Page

An immortal memory, and always in our hearts.

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Rest in Peace, Celina Garcia

"Celina was a family matriarch, immeasurably strong and immeasurably missed. She is remembered fondly by her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren who continue to cherish her loving and generous spirit"

- Ty Cifuentez, Grandson

Rest in Peace, Catherine Rodriguez

"I miss my Mom every day. A resident of Tucson, AZ she was up to her retirement very involved in the local Democratic party. She enjoyed watching 'I love Lucy' , Chinese food, and shopping"

- Christina Rodriguez, Daughter

Rest in Peace, Ron King

“Ron was a brilliant trumpet player and loving husband of Bobbi King. He passed due to COVID in early January and is so very much missed by all who knew him.”

- Kathy Coleman


Rest in Peace, Fran Kapp

“My Mom died of Covid on 11-27-2020.  I miss her more every day that passes.  I am forever grateful that she was my Mom.”

- Laura Jesmer, Daughter

Rest in Peace, Jesus Carrillo

"Jesus was a father, husband, Tata, brother, and friend! He was an amazing man who we lost to COVID and is greatly missed!”

- Leticia Hernandez

Rest in Peace, B.J. Strothkamp

“Deeply loved and greatly missed. B.J. passed from Covid on March 5th, 2021."

- Molly Strothkamp, Daughter

Rest in Peace, Levi T. Elizaga

“My Dad was the most sacrificial man, always putting family first. He came to Arizona from the Philippines to spend time with his grandsons, and contracted Covid shortly after his arrival. We love and miss him so much."

- Michele Elizaga, Daughter

Rest in Peace, Joe Bruno

“My dad, Joe Bruno, was an African American veteran of the Korean and Viet Nam wars. He served honorably and retired in the late 70's. He survived the conflicts only to be unnecessarily taken by Covid-19 in July of 2020. I miss my dad.”

- Faye Bruno, Daughter

Rest in Peace, Luz Idanis Camacho

"Luz Idanis Camacho was an amazing Sister, aunt, daughter, & mother! She worked as a regional underwriting for AIG before she became disabled due to her Diabetes! She lived in Florida until her passing on 08/26/2020 she is greatly missed by her family & those who loved her"

- Marisol Camacho, Sister

Rest in Peace, Kenneth & Terry Bridwell 

"My mom and dad caught COVID in SC in a restaurant in July 2020. There were zero precautions mandated where they lived. My mom died 3 weeks later at home… alone and my dad n the local hospital… also alone. They were loving, popular community members who generously gave of their time and money to help others. My mom was a culinary arts teacher for over 40 years and I’m retirement worked as a teaching assistant at the local community college. My dad was an accountant at Furman University and got joy from working with youth in church and school to help make them see the world as a place they could make a difference. Their tragic deaths have left so very many people, especially their family, devastated."

- Allison Leaver, Daughter

Rest in Peace, Cliff Nelson

"Cliff was a life long educator and environmentalist. As a young teacher in the Seattle area he became heavily involved In “outdoor education” and chose to get his masters degree in environmental education. He was infamous for the evening campfires he led with his guitar and booming voice at “outdoor school”, a week long camp experience for elementary school students. Cliff loved the outdoors - fishing, skiing, boating and living on a lake in his later years. He was a kind, loving, involved Dad and Papa. He moved to Arizona permanently in 2017 after living here part time for many years and eventually moved to assisted living due to Parkinson’s Disease and dementia. He was diagnosed with Covid-19 in early December 2020 and died a week later. He was a good soul on this earth and will be truly missed. He would love the idea of being part of this project!"

- JoAnne Nelson-Metzger

Rest in Peace, Frank Ferrer

"Frank Ferrer was a selfless, kindhearted soul that made a huge, positive impact on everyone - he inspired others to live life to the fullest, to love one another, be compassionate and help others, and to always be kind and do things from the heart. He was an exceptional husband, father, brother, uncle, friend, colleague, mentor and hero who symbolized love, peace, happiness, strength and courage. His deeply rooted love for family, nature and music lives on through his wife and children, the trees that stand strong and his timeless favorite songs. Frank will forever be loved and missed - he has left an incredible mark and will forever be our guiding light as his love and wisdom lives on through the many hearts he touched."

- Stephanie Ferrer, Daughter

Rest in Peace, Santos Gomez

"My father was a man who loved his family he worked so hard to provide for his family. He built our house with his own hands and made it our home. He love to have family BBQ, music and dance. He enjoyed sharing memories about his childhood times with his grandchildren. His love was endless."

- Sonia Encinas, Daughter

Rest in Peace, Bryn Roy Johnson

"Bryn Roy Johnson was a devoted husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend. He treated everyone he ever met with kindness, trust, respect and generosity. He will be greatly missed. 12/07/56 - 01/09/21"

- Ginger Hanson

Rest in Peace, Jennifer Beeson

"Jennifer Beeson was my high school sweetheart. We married a few years after graduating and enjoyed a 37 year marriage. We had one son, Alex. Jennifer was the kindest soul you could meet. I was blessed to have her in my life. She was generous, loving and thoughtful. I miss her with all my heart. She will be forever loved. I miss you so much."

- Sam Beeson

Rest in Peace, Michael Addlesberger

Michael was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, son, brother ,uncle, and friend. He was diagnosed with Covid and hospitalized for 3 weeks. 2 of those weeks he was on the ventilator. He fought so hard but succumbed to Covid on 9-12-21. He had just retired and was looking forward to spending lots of time with his wife, his best friend. He spoiled his family and would have done anything for them. He is deeply loved and missed by all his family and friends.”

- Keila Weary, Daughter

Rest in Peace, Rogelio "Ro" Lechuga

"He was a bright light in this dim world taken too soon.  Fought his whole life not to be a statistic.  He was so much more than that.  He was father, husband, friend,  and an inspiration to all that met him.  He was only on this earth for 44 short years,  but he made every year count.  I pray when I meet him in heaven again, I'm half as loved as he was by everyone."

- Susan Lechuga, Wife

Rest in Peace, Denise Ward

"My Aunt Denise made The Valley her home for greater than 40 years, finding love and acceptance in the desert with friends. She made her own decisions and had a strong will to define her own course. She taught us that with perseverance and living your own truth, all is possible. We will miss her singular sense of humor and her playful flamboyant side! While the Covid pandemic took her from us, we endure with cherished memories of our favorite spirit, sister and aunt."

- Tim Miller, Nephew 

Rest in Peace, Frances & Raul Tello

"My best friend did not have an easy childhood. Her grandparents were the only light she had growing up. She lost both of them to COVID less than a month apart."

- Avery Rodriguez

Rest in Peace, Georgia Carpenter

"Georgia was a funny, sassy and tough woman. She passed during COVID-19 and was unable to see her family. She is loved and missed by her family members, children and grandchildren."

- Jessica Carpenter

Rest in Peace, Ashkie, Davis, & Marc

"Ashkie was a veteran who serve his country , Davis was a caring and a giving person. Marc is a caring person, a motivation to never giving up and always helping the needed ones."

- Maria McCraig

Rest in Peace, Thomas Victor Lagatella

"My Dad was a Father figure to my 3 & 5 year old Daughters. I’ll never forget the night this all started as I came home from a meeting finding my kids cuddled up w/my Dad as he was chilly only to find out he had a low grade fever. The next day we had to quarantine him even though he felt fine, however his fever progressed & he woke up w/labored breathing & admitted into the Hospital. A day later we were told they were most likely putting him on a ventilator in the morning once the whole team came in to discuss only to find out he was vented an hour later and we NEVER GOT TO SPEAK TO HIM FIRST!!!! My last memory of my Dad was him walking into the Emergency room and I never got to tell him I LOVED HIM!!! We had to say our goodbyes w/a nurse holding his phone to his ear as he passed away."

- Dawn Marie Lagatella, Daughter

Rest in Peace, Bill Hyder

"It’s truly impossible to put into words my dad in a few sentences. Quite simply, my father was a hero. He was a lawyer for fifty years before COVID brutally took him from us.  And during that fifty years, he spent so much time advocating for those who needed help. COVID did not just take him from us, his family, who loved him more than anything, but took him from our community. My dad was the person people would come to when they had a problem, whether it was a legal problem, a personal problem or a financial problem. And he would do anything to help anyone and was a rock under pressure. There are not many people like that anymore on this earth. Life is not the same without him. He was my best friend, my mentor and my father. There is not one minute that goes by since he died on August 9, 2020 that I do not feel the loss.  Every day without him feels like a chore. But, when my dad was in the hospital he said to me, “Keep fighting for me out there.”  Meaning, keep advocating with the hospital for him. I continue to try to “keep fighting for him” out here because that is what he would want. But I hate it. I hate every day without him." 

- Stacy Hyder

Rest in Peace, Paul Abramson

"My dad had a long, full life, filled with adventure, world travel and fun. Even at 92 he was always ready to meet new people, learn more about the world, play bridge, bet on sports, FaceTime with his grandsons, join a travel webinar and find a party.

He never met a party he didn’t like. For those you knew him, you encountered his exuberance, vibrancy and humor. He was a great practical joker and loved playing tricks on everyone. He had the gift of being able to talk to anyone about anything and somehow, he would always find a way to weave his beloved Brown University into the conversation. He even managed to sneak that he when being admitted to the hospital.

He made us laugh and was always ready for the party called life."

- Nancy Abrahamson, Daughter

Rest in Peace, Louis Immediato

"He was retired from Luke AFB after 20 years in the USAF." 

- Jeri Whooley

Rest in Peace, Gavriel Bruno

"May you rest in peace and protect us from above. You are truly missed - Zavurov and Isakov family."

- Natalya Zavurov, Daughter

Rest in Peace, Roberto Gonzalez

"Roberto was a loving husband, father and friend. Roberto lost his battle to COVID on January 17th."

- Joe Barba

Rest in Peace, Laura Perez

"If you knew the "Gloria Girls" then you knew my Auntie A 2nd mother who helped raise us, drive us where needed, made our dresses, costumes, bows, piñatas, cakes, help with recipes, play video games with us, etc. THANK YOU AUNTIE, we love you and miss you everyday

Laura (Laurie) Marie Perez passed away on 12/15/20, at the age of 61. She is preceded in death by her mother, Laura Iberri Perez, and brother Milo Bejarano. She is survived by her father, Robert Cuen Perez, and siblings, Robert Perez, Jr. (Yvonne), Roberta Perez-Gloria (Tom), Carlos Bejarano (Susan), and Sandra Bejarano-Aragon, numerous nieces and nephews as well as great-nieces and great-nephews.

While attending St. Mary’s High School, she played in the band, was in the Saint Anthony's Mariachi group, and worked part time for the Arizona Republic. Upon graduating from St. Mary's, Laurie immediately began working for Valley National Bank in the downtown offices. In later years, she worked for the City of Phoenix Elections. She was also the caretaker for our father for many years. Laurie touched many lives with her creative side. She was very gifted in the crafting and cooking areas. She loved making her enchiladas, pinatas, beautiful cakes, and decorations for numerous parties. Laurie was also an excellent seamstress and made many dresses, hair bows, as well as costumes for her family members. At Christmas, she got everyone together for tamale making and cookie decorating. There was nothing our sister could not do!

Laurie enjoyed Taco Tuesdays with her family of friends and loved going to Midnight Bingo with them. Laurie will be missed greatly by all."

- Lorena Gloria

Rest in Peace, Charles Krebbs

My name is Tara Krebbs and I lost my amazing father, Charles Krebbs to COVID on August 7th 2020, a month after his 75th birthday.

My dad was a hard working family man. He had just retired barely two years prior. My dad had many diverse interests including gardening, cooking, reading, jazz music and fitness. He loved trying new things, learning and laughing. He particularly enjoyed reading about science. But above all else, my dad loved his family and community. He made it a point to spend quality time with the people he cared about and he was never more than a phone call away. My dad believed that the purpose of life is to do whatever we can to leave the world a better place. He believed in equality and that a person’s worth is not measured by their material possessions, but by how they treat others. And in the last 4 months of his life we spoke frequently about the division in this country and the lax response to the pandemic. My father was so worried, not just for himself, but for the devastation he knew we would see across the US without a unified plan in place, based on science.

He started having symptoms the last week of June, when AZ when in the throes of a giant, yet expected surge after Governor Ducey opened the state up back without a mask mandate in place. We were unable to get a COVID test scheduled for him until July 5th. It took nearly a week to even get the appointment. We were told that there was testing available to everyone, but there wasn’t.

We were told that the hospitals and medical facilities were prepared, but they weren’t. My dad was advised to stay home and ride it out because only the sickest patients were being admitted to the ER and the Urgent Cares were all overwhelmed. On July 11th my dad was one of those sickest patients. He was taken by ambulance and admitted to the hospital after my mom called 911 early that morning. She never saw him again. We got the results of his first COVID test back on July 15th – 10 days following the appointment and 4 days after he had already been admitted to the hospital.

We had two phone calls a day in the hospital bc they were so busy - one in the morning and one in the evening. He seemed to be getting better, but took a turn for the worse on July 20th. It was a nightmare of a roller coaster ride the next few weeks. No one knew what to expect. On August 5th we were informed that there was no hope for his recovery. On August 7th I was able to go in and say goodbye. That is more than many families in the US have been afforded in their loved ones last hours.

I had not seen my dad since June 21st. I was excited to see him, but horrified knowing it would be the last time. I told we loved him, that we knew that he had fought long and hard, and that is was okay for him go now. He wiggled his eyebrows at me. He knew I had come and that he was not alone. His ICU nurse stood by side and cried with me as he passed away. To say I am grateful to our frontline workers, my lifeline to my dad during the month he was in the hospital, and a friend by side when he died, would be an understatement.

My dad is so loved and so missed.”

- Tara Krebbs, Daughter

Rest in Peace, Mary King

"Mary was a kind, hardworking woman. She loved her kids fiercely. She enjoyed being a grandma and spoiled her 4 grandkids with lots of love and sweets. My 8 year old son wanted a treehouse so she and her boyfriend built one for him in their yard. All the grandkids enjoyed it. She would call my son and ask him for the "blueprints" and have him explain exactly what he wanted on it. It was a labor of love and just one example of how giving she was. She was one of a kind and is missed by everyone who knew and loved her."

- Angelica Ortiz, Daughter

Rest in Peace, Leodegario Aquino 

"My father worked in the hospital most of his life, he was multi talented, played instruments, sang, danced salsa, wrote poetry and music, designed clothes, loved helping others and making friends. He would light up the room wherever he went. But the best legacy he left to our family was faith in Jesus and the hope that one day we'll meet again."

- Elizabeth Perez, Daughter

Rest in Peace, Pearl Aínsa Aikens

"A dedicated public school teacher (primary grades), Pearl retired from the Scottsdale Public Schools. She died of Covid in March 2021. Pearl graduated from Arizona State College (now ASU) with both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Education. She was born in Arizona in May 1928, a member of The First Families of Arizona (families settled in Arizona prior to statehood)." 

- Gloria Aguliar 

Rest in Peace, William D Taddonio

"William was the life of the party"

- Lori Taddonio

Rest in Peace, David Laughter

"Mr. Laughter was a Vietnam Veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps. He was an honorable veteran, leader and mentor."

Maria McCraig, Daughter-in-law

Rest in Peace, Lokai Laughter

"Lokai Laughter was an honorable war veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps. He served in Afghanistan and Iraqi Freedom and completed three tours honorably."

- Maria McCraig, Sister-in-law

Rest in Peace, Davis Laughter

"Davis Laughter was a devoted and loving brother. He was notable for his charisma and compassion for everything he did. He was a leader and dedicated to his family."

- Maria McCraig, Sister-in-law

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