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The Trees Matter Resiliency Project was born to honor those who risked their lives, fell ill, or died during the Covid-19 Pandemic, and has been successful through planting 100 trees at Spaces of Opportunity in collaboration Tiger Mountain Foundation

We also want to acknowledge communities of color who have suffered disproportionately from this pandemic in terms of the disease itself, access to health care, and economic insecurity.

See updates of this project in action HERE


Tree Tags

Anyone is invited to submit a tree tag for their loved one who has passed or been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We will engrave the name on wooden tags that will hang from any one of the 100 trees we planted for this project, and the photo and memorial bio you provide will live on our memorial page on our website. An example of which is shown to the right.

Submit a tree tag application here.

View our Memorial Page HERE

Rest in Peace, B.J. Strothkamp

“Deeply loved and greatly missed. B.J. passed from Covid on March 5th, 2021."

View our Recognition Page HERE

In Honor of Nurses at Banner Health

“All the nurses who went above and beyond during this COVID Crisis during my hospital stays, to keep me safe from the virus.  Thank you does not say enough!”
- Chris Forest, Patient

Trees represent life, hope and strength. In these difficult times, their deep roots and strong branches remind us that, though we are battered by terrible winds, we, the community, will emerge sturdier than before. We are resilient and we will endure. 


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Below is a map of the trees we have planted so far. We will add names to the map when we add the tags to the trees so you can see which tree to find their tag on.

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