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Utility Shade Tree Program


making the Valley a shadier place, one tree at a time

Working in partnership with the Salt River Project (SRP) utilities company, we are honored to facilitate the SRP Shade Tree Program. This program distributes thousands of free desert-adapted shade trees to SRP customers across the Valley, as well as providing valuable information about how to plant and care for trees in our climate. Participants can receive up to two free trees after attending a workshop where they learn how to plant and care for their new shade trees. By the end of each year, we distribute over 5,000 trees and educate over 4,000 Valley residents. 

Workshops are held virtually in the off-season, January-February for spring pick-ups and through the hot summer months for pick-up in fall. Tree pick-up events occur in the planting seasons, between March-April in spring, and October-November in the fall. For all upcoming shade tree events, view our events calendar here.

our program in action
Along with staff, it requires over 40 volunteers to make this program and these events successful! We give out hundreds of trees per pick-up event, and educate hundreds of participants per workshop. Below are photos from events throughout various seasons...


are you an SRP customer? register online here for FREE trees
Have questions about participating? CALL OUR VOICEMAIL LINE AT 602-325-1254, OR email

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