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Meet the Team


Aimee Esposito
Executive Director

Aimee was born and raised in Phoenix, growing up next to Piestewa Park. She has always had an appreciation for both the function and beauty of the desert environment. Aimee attended ASU where she learned the importance of bridging fields, receiving a BS in Geography and a BA in English Literature. Later Aimee ventured to Monterey, California where she spent two years earning a Master's degree in International Environmental Policy. Aimee returned to the Valley and has been with Trees Matter since 2013 becoming Executive Director in 2016. She is currently studying to become a certified arborist. Aimee’s favorite tree changes often, but a favorite trees is the Native Mesquite.

Ali Guttenberg
 Plantings Programs Manager

Ali was born and raised in North Carolina and recently moved to Arizona to join the Trees Matter team. Ali will be working with the Trees for Schools program to expand environmental education for students and teachers. They graduated in May 2021 with a BA in Environmental Studies and a minor in Geological Sciences. They spent many summers working and attending summer camp and are excited to join their passion for the environment and working with kids. Ali deeply values trees for climate change mitigation impacts as well as their beauty. Ali is enjoying learning about Arizona trees and cannot wait to be in the classroom teaching! Outside of work they enjoy hiking, crafting, live music, and are currently learning to play the banjo. Ali’s favorite tree in the Tulip Poplar! 

Ariel Stone
Outreach Manager
(602) 390-6792 |

Ariel is an Arizona native, having grown up in downtown Phoenix. She graduated from ASU with a BS in Nonprofit Leadership and Management, and has volunteered for nonprofits since a young age. She volunteered with Trees Matter while a freshman at ASU and is glad to be back as part of the team! Ariel values the importance of trees and other plants native to the desert southwest, and is particularly interested in ensuring that they thrive in a rapidly growing urban setting. While she’s excited how fast Phoenix has been growing both culturally and economically in recent years, she believes Trees Matter can have impact on making sure this growth happens in the most sustainable way. She loves traveling, drawing, yoga, and live music. Ariel’s favorite tree is the Palo Verde. 

Maya Jay Rawn
Utility Shade Tree Program Coordinator

 was raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a passionate advocate for sustainability and nature, with a background in architecture and landscape design. Thrilled to collaborate with Trees Matter, she contributes to initiatives that bring shade to Arizona's valley, optimizing our city for future generations. Maya's hobbies include birdwatching, stargazing, photography, music, and designing environmentally conscious wildlife habitats. Her current favorite tree is the Jacaranda, with its beautiful purple flowers that attract hummingbirds.

Brittany Rinear
Utility Shade Tree Program Manager

Brittany has an extensive background in customer service, and is passionate about supporting our organization. After graduating from McClintock High School in Tempe, she lived in Portland, OR, and Santa Rosa, CA, where she developed a deep appreciation for ocean winds and cypress trees. Brittany is now a visual artist, creating and selling abstract paintings with various mediums, and is a ceramics student at Phoenix Center for the Arts. Her passion for gardening is mostly limited to indoor plants, especially in the summer! After providing occasional support for past projects, she is excited to move into a more substantial role at TM!

Oscar Valencia
Community Outreach Coordinator

Oscar is currently an ASU senior studying Sustainability with a focus in ecosystems sustainability. He loves to go hiking and camping, and wants to help build a more sustainable city. He can’t wait to make a positive contribution to the community and start off his professional career with such an impactful organization. His favorite tree is the Blue Palo Verde because they provide shade and a snack during spring!

Mira Turner
Program Events Lead

Mira is happily returning to Trees Matter as an Events Lead after completing her spring 2022 internship with Trees Matter! She is proud to see how much Trees Matter has evolved throughout 2022, and is excited to see more growth and engagement overall. Mira especially enjoys planting events where she gets to learn the significance of trees to those they will benefit. On her days off she enjoys walking her dogs, playing video games, and painting! Mira’s favorite tree is a Giant Sequoia!

Flor Chávez

Customer Communications Coordinator

Flor was raised in Phoenix to first-generation immigrant parents. She received an M.S. in educational leadership from NAU and a B.S. in nonprofit leadership and management from ASU. She is a nonprofit professional with over a decade of experience in the sector and is passionate about empowering communities that are disproportionality affected by social inequalities. Flor believes that everyone deserves to experience the beauty of nature and that includes enjoying trees, especially in urban settings. She looks forward to supporting the Spanish-speaking community in the Valley through The SRP Shade Tree Program and is excited to be a resource for all. 

During her free time, Flor enjoys baking new recipes, biking Rio Salado Pathway, visiting the arboretum, and going on hikes with her family and their Whippet mix, Luna. Her favorite tree is the Red Push Pistache because although the leaves mature to green, during the fall season, they turn into beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Jennifer Wadsworth

Administrative Assistant
Jennifer is a retired Systems Analyst with a background in languages and race and ethnic studies.  She was born in Utah but spent much of her childhood on USAID water projects in Somalia, Kenya and Lesotho. Because of those early experiences, she has a deep appreciation for peoples' cultural connection to their land and water.  She loves to discover indigenous innovations that solve climate challenges in easily accessible ways. Jennifer is a Certified Permaculture Designer and Certified Water Harvester. An experimenter by nature, Jennifer  developed partnerships with local social service nonprofits to design and install sustainable projects that uniquely served their target community.  Jennifer is passionate about water harvesting and rehydrating our desert landscape by slowing, sinking and spreading the flow for a greener Phoenix future. 

Jacob Ivy

Program Events Lead

Jacob loves trees! Especially in the Sonoran Desert, where he was born and raised. His favorite trees include Velvet Mesquite, Desert Ironwood, and Elephant Tree (Bursera Microphylla). His passions include sustainability, backpacking, mountain biking, triathlon, and gardening. Jacob’s professional background started in technical accounting and programming. He later received a Master’s degree in Sustainable Solutions through ASU and worked in ESG consulting. In 2022, Jacob traded his keyboard for a shovel. He received a Water Harvesting Design Certification through Watershed Management and started a landscaping company, Sustainable Sonoran Landscapes. He continues to design and install passive water harvesting systems while simultaneously working for Trees Matter. He believes Phoenix residents can reduce water usage, work towards food sovereignty, increase native habitat, and improve their own well-being by connecting to the Sonoran Desert through their landscapes. Let’s plant more trees!

Keetra Bippus

Social Media & Marketing 2023 Intern
Keetra Bippus is a Journalism major at Arizona State University. She has been passionate about the environment since a kid. She looks forward to learning more about how she can serve her community through Trees Matter! Apart from writing and volunteering, she loves to read and hang out with her cat! Her favorite tree is a Ponderosa Pine.

Emily Mitchel 

Event and Annual Report 2023 Intern
 Emily is a student at ASU, working towards her BA in Sustainability with a track emphasis in International Development. She's also obtaining an Environmental Education Certificate and was recently admitted into ASU's accelerated masters program. She hopes to continue gaining leadership experience from this internship with Trees Matter while fostering relationships with the community outreach we provide. She's excited to participate in all of the upcoming events we have planned! Her passions are volunteering, gardening, and watching either a sunrise or sunset everyday. Emily's favorite tree is the Arecaceae (palm tree) even though it is not native to Arizona it reminds her of home in southern California.   

Jessica Hummel

Fall Event Intern

Jessica is a senior at ASU majoring in Sustainability with a focus on ecosystems. Her hobbies include hiking, reading, and her two spoiled dogs Cass and Kendra. Her favorite trail to hike in the Arizona area is Horton Creek in Payson.  Through her internship with Trees Matter she hopes to learn more about trees and working with a non-profit organization. Her favorite tree is the palm tree! 

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