Meet the Team


Ariel Stone
Volunteer & Outreach Manager
(602) 390-6792 |

Ariel is an Arizona native, having grown up in downtown Phoenix. She graduated from ASU with a BS in Nonprofit Leadership and Management, and has volunteered for nonprofits since a young age. She volunteered with Trees Matter while a freshman at ASU and is glad to be back as part of the team! Ariel values the importance of trees and other plants native to the desert southwest, and is particularly interested in ensuring that they thrive in a rapidly growing urban setting. While she’s excited how fast Phoenix has been growing both culturally and economically in recent years, she believes Trees Matter can have impact on making sure this growth happens in the most sustainable way. She loves traveling, drawing, yoga, and live music. Ariel’s favorite tree is the Parkinsonia, or Palo Verde. 

Brittany Rinear
Remote Communications Assistant

Brittany has an extensive background in customer service, and is passionate about supporting our organization. After graduating from McClintock High School in Tempe, she lived in Portland, OR, and Santa Rosa, CA, where she developed a deep appreciation for ocean winds and cypress trees. Brittany is now a visual artist, creating and selling abstract paintings with various mediums, and is a ceramics student at Phoenix Center for the Arts. Her passion for gardening is mostly limited to indoor plants, especially in the summer! After providing occasional support for past projects, she is excited to move into a more substantial role at TM!

Paulina Vu
Program Manager
(602) 618-5529 |

Paulina was born in Arizona, and recently graduated with a concurrent degree in Sustainability and Global Studies. Her interest in sustainability in a local and global stage has led her to various projects, volunteering, and internships with organizations such as the Gaia Association, The International Rescue Committee, and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. Paulina is passionate about community engagement, and is excited to work towards a healthier, happier Phoenix. While at ASU, she was an intern for Trees Matter and is thrilled to join the team once again. She has always been in awe of nature and loves to hike, take photos, travel, and board games in her free time. Her favorite tree is the Hong Kong Orchid.

Aimee Esposito
Executive Director
(602) 689-2896 |

Aimee is a native Phoenician, growing up next to Piestewa Park. She has always had an appreciation for both the function and beauty of the desert environment. Aimee attended ASU where she learned the importance of bridging fields, receiving a BS in Geography and a BA in English Literature. Later Aimee ventured to Monterey, California where she spent two years earning a Master's degree in International Environmental Policy. Aimee learned a range of subjects from ecosystem valuations to grant writing and spent a summer in Peru to film for the Andean Alliance of Sustainable Development who helps provide easy to make green houses for indigenous communities and schools. She values the importance of direct impact, especially at a city level. Aimee’s favorite tree is the Prosopis juliflora, or the Native Mesquite.



Sarah Bathe
2020 Events Intern

Sarah is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. She is a senior at ASU pursuing a B.S. in Sustainability along with a Design Studies minor. She loves to travel, read, paint, and go for hikes. In the future Sarah would like to pursue sustainable housing design with the intent on working in developing countries. She hopes to incorporate her passions of sustainability and design to design homes to work better with nature, instead of against it. She is extremely excited to intern with Trees because their goals and passions align with her own.


       Mandi Marquez

2020 Events Intern

Mandi was born in Southern California and recently moved out to Arizona to attend ASU. She is currently a senior majoring in Earth and Environmental Studies! She loves to be outside and enjoy the beauty that the Arizona desert has to offer. After she graduates she plans on traveling for a year, then going back to school to get her masters in Project Management! Mandi loves figure skating, dancing, swimming, and hiking. She is so excited to be apart of the Trees Matter team to make a difference here in Arizona!


Will Woolery

2020 Events Intern

Will is currently in his senior year at Arizona State University, working towards concurrent bachelor’s degrees in Sustainability and Anthropology. He enjoys traveling, meeting new people, helping others, hiking, exploring, and spending time with his wonderful husband. After graduation, Will hopes to work in environmental science and work with nonprofit organizations. He is extremely excited to be interning for Trees Matter, because they help to make the world a better place through education and sustainable action. He is honored to have this opportunity!

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Our office is in the building of The McKinley Club, a co-sharing workspace. Feel free to ask around--we all know each other. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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