Trees Matter McPherson Award


We are excited to continue a new tradition with the 
Trees Matter McPherson Award, as a way to honor exemplary work and extraordinary efforts to inspire and promote an increased tree canopy Valley-wide. 

Please use the form below to nominate those doing exemplary work and extraordinary efforts to inspire and promote an increased tree canopy Valley-wide. Trees Matter has called to collect nominations that will be reviewed by a panel of Trees Matter Board Members and Jim McPherson. Updates on the timeline for a deadline, the announcement of the awardee, and how we will honor them in this unique year will be coming soon! For now please submit nominations as we are excited to see all the amazing people who are doing tree-medous work! 

2019 Awardee

Bonnie has a passion for trees and was the driving force to help City of Tempe establish a goal of increasing the tree canopy from 13.4 percent to 25 percent by 2040, nearly doubling City of Tempe’s shade. She pushed for a tree plan, with a significant component of the plan is education about the importance of trees and the proper selection to promote health and variety of species, planting, watering, and pruning of trees. Bonnie fosters collaboration to these goals with residents, businesses and organizations. She promotes the guiding principles of an Urban Forest in all her efforts, all aimed at cultivating collective action, expanding shade to maximize urban cooling, improve walkability evenly, use resources widely, enhance property values, promote a healthy community, enhance community beautification and livability and right tree, right place.

Bonnie Richardson

Inaugural 2018 Awardee

Trees Matter named the first annual award after Jim McPherson, an inspiration as a true tree advocate. Jim is known as the "tree guy" in Downtown Phoenix and has been responsible for numerous plantings in the community (including McPherson Grove!). Jim is known for the facebook project 'A Tree Used to Grow in Phoenix' a creative way to "Speak for the Trees" by highlighting missing trees starting in 2014. He has served on city tree focused committees and has participated in many initiatives to promote increasing trees for the future. Citizens, city officials, and organizations seek Jim out as the go-to person for tree advocacy and input on promoting trees.

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