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Utility Shade Tree Program


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for the Shade Tree program?

For a customer to qualify, they have to be a SRP customer, own or rent a single family home, have the ability to plant on the property or get permission to, and live in a single-family home. No apartments, condos, duplexes, etc.

I want to participate, but I can’t pick up the trees myself.

At this time we do not have volunteers that can transport the trees for you.  A friend or family member, however, can pickup your trees for you.  

I participated in the program before but one or both of my trees has died, can I get replacements?

If you can bend the branches, then the tree is not dead. You can also do a scratch test. If you scratch a little of the bark off and it is green and damp then the tree is not dead. The tree may also just be dormant for the winter. You can email us for further resources.

What about other trees in my yard?

You can post a question on our Ask the Arborist forum by signing up on our website, or email us!

How far away from a block wall do I have to plant a tree?

It depends on the tree; you have to plan for a full grown tree. There will be Master Gardener’s on-site who can give you advice on your specific situation.

I signed up for one class time but want to switch to the other.

As long as you are registered for that location, it does not matter which time you attend.

The registration has been closed, can I still come to the event? What do I need to bring?

Yes, walk-ins are welcomed. Please make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes early to register as a walk-in. Go directly to the Help Desk--all you will need is the name of the person on the current SRP bill and the address of the home.

How do you register online for the program?

Didn't see your question?

Feel free to email us.

How many trees can I get?

You can receive up to two trees.

What type of trees do you offer?

There are 6 types of trees for SRP: 1. Native Mesquite, 2. Palo Verde, 3. Thornless Palo Verde, 4. Desert Willow, 5. Willow Acacia, 6. Thornless Mesquite. All trees are desert-adapted, drought- resistant trees. 

How big are the trees? Do I need a truck to pick-up trees?

All of the trees come in a 5 gallon pot. They are between 4-6 feet tall, depending on the type of tree and time of year. Most trees are able to fit in a standard car.

I want trees, but can’t plant them myself.

Normally we do not offer assistance with the planting of trees. . Please email us, and we will refer you to any planting resources we have at the time. 

I don’t know what tree to pick? Which tree is the best?

The workshops will go over the types of trees. Also, there will be an Ask the Expert table where you can consult the Instructor and Master Gardeners who can answer any questions and provide tailored recommendations to an individual home and situation.

Where do I plant the trees?

The trees have to be planted on the west, east or south side of the home, and within 15 feet of the house.

What time do the workshops start? How long are the workshops?

There are two workshops:  8-9:15am and 10-11:15am. 

I want to cancel my registration. I can’t make the workshop.

Email us and we will add your name to the cancellation list.

I participated in the program before, can I get more trees?

Unfortunately, you can only get trees once per address.  If you have a rental home or move to a new address, you can register that different property and receive trees for that property, as well. 

I took the class last year but haven’t picked up my trees yet, do I have to retake the class?

If you have not taken a workshop within the last year, you will need to retake the workshop. 

Thank you for your interest!
Trees Matter Team

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