What a Shade Tree Workshop is Like

Mon, May 05, 2014 12:33 PM | Anonymous

 often get asked what a tree workshop is like so we thought we'd show you.
After checking-in, attendees listen to a presentation delivered by one of the tree specialists.  Here, the do’s and don’ts of tree care are explained--like how and where to position the trees, how to water them, how to select a tree, and what to expect from the different types of trees such as rate of growth and shedding considerations. If you take the APS online class, then you do not need to attend another in-person class.  

Afterwards, there is an "Ask the Expert" table with Master Gardeners and Arborists who are available to answer individual questions and concerns you may have. At this time you’ll also be able to pick-up your trees.  You can choose from trees like Desert Willows, Thornless Mesquites, or Thornless Palo Verdes (saplings pictured below).

All of the young trees come in a 5-gallon bucket and are typically 3-6 feet in height, depending on the tree type. (Refer to our blog on 10 Ways to Reuse Your 5-Gallon Tree BucketMost saplings can easily fit in the back of a standard car. Thanks to our amazing volunteers who mainly operate the entire event!  If needed, they are available to help you pick-up and carry your new free trees to your car.

Not only are the workshops great for learning about different Arizona native trees, you’ll never know what else will be at the hosting locations--like peacocks at Glendale Library and a 3D printer at Red Mountain Library!  It’s a great way to get involved in caring for trees and learning what we can do to beautify our homes while also conserving energy.  

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