How to Keep Dogs Away From Trees

Mon, September 22, 2014 10:48 AM | Anonymous

Do you have a problem keeping your dog away from your new, young tree? Besides buying a wire tree cage (pictured below) from your local gardening or home improvement store (which can work), here are also some interesting ways to deter animal from bugging your trees:

1.     Scatter red chili flakes, cayenne pepper, or tobacco sauce around the tree.  Dogs don’t like the smell or sneezing affect from the peppers, and the deterrents are not harmful to the tree.

2.     Place cotton balls dipped in vinegar around the tree.  Dogs will stay clear of the pungent smell.

3.     If you can find some pine cones, scatter them around the base of the tree.  Dogs don’t like the prickly feeling of the cones, so they should stay clear of the area.

4.     Scatter decorative rocks around the tree. Again, Fido won’t like the feel of them on his paws.

5.     Plant a prickly or thorny plant (or temporary place some) around the tree. When your dog loses interest in the area, you can remove the plants. 


Do you know other suggestions or have things that worked for you?  Please let us know if any of these helped keep your tree dog-free!   




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