Things to Know Before Attending a Tree Workshop

Mon, September 08, 2014 2:15 PM | Anonymous

We often get asked what people can do to prepare for their new trees and what they need to bring or know before attending their scheduled in-person workshop.  Below is a list of some handy tips to help the process run as smooth as possible.

1.     Check with your HOA before your workshop to find out if they have special guidelines about where and how to plant trees on your landscape or what types of trees are permissible.

2.     Make sure that utility lines do not run through the spot you plan on placing your trees.  You can contact Arizona 811 which will provide a free utilities location survey on your property. You can contact them online at or by phone at 1-800-782-5348.

3.     Other issues to consider when deciding where to plant your trees include:

  • Pets and their favorite stomping grounds
  • Fences, sidewalks, and walkways
  • Sun exposure
  • Sight lines that may be blocked by a full-grown tree
  • Storm water retention basins or irrigation patterns
  • Accessibility to the tree for pruning and trimming purposes
  • Shedding considerations (over a pool or eating area)

4.     Ensure that you have about 15 feet from the designated tree spot and the nearest southern, eastern, or western property obstruction (such as a wall).

5.     You do NOT need to dig holes beforehand, and we actually prefer that customers do not dig until the workshop because you will learn the best way to dig a hole for your new trees and how to plant them properly.

6.     You also do NOT need to rent a truck or bring a special vehicle such as an SUV for the tree.  The saplings (pictured left) come in a 5-gallon base and are typically 3-6 feet tall, depending on the tree type. We’ve seen trees fit in just about any standard compact car.  If you have an SUV, feel free to bring it but you can save gas by bringing your smaller, sedan car.

7.     If the person picking up your trees is different than the name you registered under, make sure that person has an ID on them and the information used for the registration.

8.     When you registered for the workshop, if you selected that no one will be attending the event with you but then change your mind, feel free to bring a spouse, friend, or other family member unless the class is completely full (we then often tell people not to bring guests in the reminder email sent out to the email address provided during the registration process). 

We hope these tips help answer some questions you may have.  On the day of a tree workshop, we have a VPA cell phone specifically allotted for directions to the workshop or questions you may have; please feel free to call it:  602-618-5529.  


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